Well this is my first post and I am not sure if this blog will go anywhere but I do want to try an outlet other than my Facebook Notes for my writings.

At the time of this post I’m 21 and got married 2 months ago (May 23 2010) and am loving life. This summer has been a quite a trip and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! In August I will begin my 3rd and final year at Institute For The Arts, a Christian, worship oriented ministry school (similar to New Life’s School of Worship or Hillsong’s school).

I’ve been a Christian since I can remember, grew up in a stable, middle class Christian household. My religious maturity has now been a very interesting and progressive part of my life. I have challenged my beliefs, traditions, churches, and interpretations of scripture as well as my experiences. I’ve even questioned God’s existence and the validity of the existence of Christianity as a whole quite often.
But so far doubt has been the most productive tool to further my faith.

Mainly my posts on here will have to do with Christian subjects centered around the Bible. My aim’s at Truth and freedom in peoples lives. However, if you want to read some happy go lucky, encouraging, positive thinking sermons, you might want to tune in to my brother Joel Osteen, because I take a different approach to Christian living and success.


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