Questions from God

God has asked many people questions throughout the Bible in the old and new testaments. This is an interesting event because God already knows everything, why then does He ask for an answer from people as if He needed information. The answer is simple; He asks us questions not to inform Himself but for our own sake. He asks us something so that we may recognize the truth and come to terms with it openly. This is like a school teacher that knows the answer to the questions posed to their students but they ask the questions in order to challenge the students. A teacher asks the questions in order to draw out what is inside of them for the students own sake whether it be correct or not.

Here is a list of famous questions asked in the Bible:

“Where are you?” – to Adam, Genesis 3:9

“Who told you you were naked” – to Adam Genesis 3:11

“Have you eaten the fruit I commanded you not to eat?” – to Adam Genesis 3:11

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.” – to Job, Job 38:4

“Who touched me” – to the crowd, Mark 5:21-34

“Who do men say that I am” – to Disciples, Mark 8:27

Why do you think God asks questions, and what are some questions God asks or has asked you?


4 thoughts on “Questions from God

  1. To answer your question… “why does God ask questions’? I believe it is to help us focus on an issue that needs our attention. Our God knows all things, He already knows all the answers before He asks the question! But many times, there are issues we need to be thinking about that we have ignored. He asks us about them to help us center ourselves and concentrate on what is important, as well as give us an opportunity to deal with the issue one on one with Him. Great Post!

  2. Sorry man but that’s not Esoteric wisdom, it’s demonic and doesn’t lead to Christ’s eternal life in union with God. Hebrews 9:27 says we die ONCE and then our soul goes to be judged by God, we don’t linger around and interact with the living. The only unseen forces on Earth are either angels, demons, or the Spirit of God and based on the fruit of those documentaries they weren’t of God.

  3. Daniel – a bit confused here. Does your reply correspond to Mr. Barkman’s comment? Or was there another comment not visible here?

  4. Yes there was a post from someone that included video testimonies of eye witnesses who had been with a Grand Master of Esoteric Wisdom. I did not approve it to be shows publicly on here but apparently my reply was made public. I hope they got my response.

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