Separation of Religion and Government

Something has been heavily on my mind this past year concerning politics and Christianity. It all began with the homosexual marriage issue whether the government should legalize same sex marriage or not. My new train of thought is now leading me to say “yes”. Now, this is a big deal for me because many would call me very conservative in my political views and religious beliefs. however, I want to share my train of thought and see what you guys think of this. Please give me some feedback after reading (no essays please).

This is the conversation with myself I have in my head:

Should same sex marriage in America be on the same legal level of acknowledgment and benefits as opposite sex marriage?



-Because, we are talking about a secular government, not a Christian institution.

But America was started by Christians and for Christian freedom, it’s not secular.

-No matter how much we want to fight it, America is now secularized and generic in it’s religious stance. This is actually a good thing because it allows all citizens within it’s governance to freely practice religion. If it mandated a religion, who’s to keep it in check or to say that they ordained the right religion?

But Christianity is the only religion of truth that leads to God through Christ.

-Yes, but the secular world does not and will not accept your set of absolute truths no matter how convinced you are, the government is not the body which should dictate or enforce any religious set of beliefs.

So why should same sex marriage be legally acceptable?

-Because the world does not have the same beliefs as presented in the Bible and because the government rules groups of people that are not all Christians. The establishment and teaching that homosexual marriage ought not be should be reserved for a church body that is over a set of believers. However, when talking about a nation as a whole – the American population does not fit the same description as that of the Body of Christ. If America was somehow a born again Bible based country than it would make more sense for the governing authorities to outlaw something that is unacceptable to God. However it is not a nation comprised of Christians therefore Christians should not expect America (which is not a church or a nation of Christians) to conform to the standards of the Bible.

-Let’s look more closely at the homosexuality issue for a moment. Christians want same sex marriage to be illegal because it is a sin. But why should we demand the world to conform to our Christian set of beliefs if they are not Christians? Does forcing someone not to sin make them holier or closer to God? No, them not sinning out of their own decision is the only fix for that situation. We can’t make America Christian by making every sin illegal! If Christians are so concerned about the general populace pleasing God by keeping marriage holy and original to God’s design then why don’t we make it illegal to marry unless you are both Christians! After all, Marriage is a sacred invention and covenant made by God for His children (not for the unbeliever). Therefore, if Christians truly want to enforce righteous standards on Americans why not outlaw marriage unless the two people are Christians? As you can see this reasoning gets out of hand.

-The goal of many Christians to outlaw homosexual marriage because “it’s a sin” is just a lesser version of outlawing marriage between two unbelievers because they aren’t glorifying God with their marriage. Christians should not try to save their nation by enforcing righteous standards through legal limitations. Nor should the government force people to live right under God. Right living is a personal decision that one must on their own after salvation.

So how should Christians change the direction America is heading if they don’t like where it’s at?

-Christians should live out their Christianity more seriously, surrendering completely to God and having a real and active relationship with God. Once Christians become real Christians the unbelieving world (including those of other religions) will see that Christianity has real results and that it is something desirable that offers answers, help, hope, and a genuine encounter with their maker and savior. This accompanied with us speaking the truth of the Gospel, loving everyone equally and helping the needy through charity will show people the true love of God and nature of Christianity. Then they will accept the salvation that has been waiting for them and they will change their lives to conform to righteousness. This conforming to what is right should not be enforced by law but by the individual’s heart.

-The other things Christians need to do to effect their world is obey the government (Romans 13:1-7, Titus 3:1, 1Peter 2:13-17) as long as it does not directly cause them to go against something the Word clearly commands, and they should respect and pray for their leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

So there you have it, my thoughts on this issue as of today (August 18th 2010). Understand, I do believe that the Bible presents homosexual activity as well as homosexual romantic relationships to be against God’s will and thus products of our sinful nature. Despite my thoughts that are presented in this blog I am still not pro gay marriage, and I won’t be voting for the legalizing of same sex marriage if the opportunity presented itself. Why?
I don’t know. That’s where you come in. I just wanted to present this dialog to explain my train of thoughts and beliefs on a few things.
What are your simplified thoughts on this issue as well as the Christian’s part in politics?

1Pe 2:13


2 thoughts on “Separation of Religion and Government

  1. Obviously, based on your blog entry you agree with me that homosexuality is sinful in the eyes of God.

    Please remember the Lord established human governments, they are under His authority, no matter what beliefs the citizenship may hold to.

    I believe that Biblically, one of the greatest purposes of the laws of a country is to teach the citizens morality. (They should be our schoolmasters showing us our sin.) By passing laws that allow homosexual marriages, in essence, we would be declaring to our citizens that homosexual unions are morally proper.

    May the Lord bless you as you continue your studies.

    • Thanks for the level headed blog. I realize this is a very liberal thought process of mine but as of now it is just that. Yea I agree that governments are under God whether they like it or not and it’s a good point to make that they should enforce morality, but what other morality is there to teach but that of the Bible. Still I feel it’s unfair to the unbelieving to force them to live right according to the Bible when they don’t yet acknowledge God. It’s like forcing them to be saved through outward actions, a double no no. But I do not know where to draw the line with all of this. Thanks again for responding I will continue to think upon what you wrote.

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