In The Beginning…In The End

In the beginning everything was good (Gen 1:31), everything was as God intended it to be – perfect. So what happened? Why is everything so bad and why do we encounter such difficulty finding God? The perfection that God created only lasted until Satan disrupted the harmony that God had established. Now we find ourselves in the middle of the telling of a cosmic drama where God is working towards the restoration of everything that was lost, eventually God will put things back in order like they use to be (Rev 21:3). However, God is not doing nothing about the problems that currently exists. He is only doing it on His schedule and not our own (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Currently we await the return of Christ which is yet another step in God’s great plan to restore us to Himself as well as to restore the original glory to all that He created (Act 1:11). To know what it will be like when God restores everything in the end we can look at Genesis and see glimpses of what man enjoyed before sin as well as what we will enjoy after Satan is put away (Rev 20:10).

1. Being completely in God’s image (Gen 1:26-27)

2. Dominion over the Earth (Gen 1:26, 28, 29, 2:19)

3. Peace and freedom (Gen 1:28, 29)

4. Union with each other (Gen 2:21-25)

5. Innocence (Gen 2:25)

6. Relationship with God (Gen 3:8-13)

7. Eternal life (Gen 3:22-24)

1. Being completely in God’s image

We are all made in God’s image (Gen 1:27), but it seems that sin has stained that image. This means that though Adam and Eve were originally made in the image of God we now experience a deviated state of God’s original blueprint. However, when we are glorified we will be perfected and all that was lost will be restored (Rev 21:4). We will be conformed to the perfect blueprint that Adam was first made in (Phl 3:21).

2. Dominion over the Earth

As Adam once did we will once again take full dominion of the Earth as God intended. The Garden was made for Adam and Eve to take care of (Gen 2:15). I also believe the Earth was also under the management of Adam who later forfeited it to Satan. But once Satan is sent to the lake of fire (Rev 20), the Earth will be given back to mankind for stewardship and the glorification of God. Charge over the animals, elements, and natural resources will once again be in the hands of the children of God.

3. Peace and freedom

Peace will be restored as it existed in the Garden – the wolf will lay with the lamb Isaiah says (11:6-9, 65:25). There will once again be security, justice, and peace thanks to the governing ruler – Jesus Christ (Jer 23:5-6). It’s true that no president can save you; there will never be a human ruler who can set everything right. But when you restore God to His rightful place of ownership and authority, you can expect perfect results.

4. Union with each other

Once we are perfected and in God’s fullness we may find a new level of relationship between one another, we will be filled with joy, and able to meet all of those family members, celebrities, and saints you always wished you knew. According to Jesus’ own words those who receive resurrected bodies will no longer engage in marriage for we will be married to God (Mar 12:25, Rev 21:2). Another reason for the cessation of marriage is that the function of reproduction will no longer be needed since we will live forever and not die. But because of our holy state and proximity to God we will be united as one people under God.

5. Innocence

Innocence which was lost in the Garden will be restored in us, we will have already been forgiven of our sins but in our glorified state we will not consider the things of the past (Rev 21:4-5) as anything worth trying again. We will see sin for what it truly is and see God for what He truly is (Rev 21:23-27). In the light of all this I don’t think we will ever enter in to sin again.

6. Relationship with God

Early in Genesis God and Adam conversed like old friends; Adam and Eve also knew the sound of God walking through the garden as if it were a daily event. The early interactions between God and man present the intimacy that Adam and Eve enjoyed with God before sin. This intimacy is something we can also enjoy once we are redeemed by Christ. However, the amount to which we can experience God will greatly increase once we are in our resurrected (or glorified) bodies after Jesus returns.

Jesus modeled the life that we are to live by his life on Earth. Interestingly the life that Jesus lived was similar in some ways to Adam’s. Both Adam and Jesus had supernatural births initiated by God’s Spirit. Both Adam and Jesus were perfect, pure, and powerful beings. Both Adam and Jesus were given things to take care of as their duty to God. Paul refers to Jesus as the “2nd Adam” who came to undo what the 1st Adam did.

During the millennial reign of Christ on Earth and afterwards we will inhabit our resurrected bodies which will be perfect, pure, and powerful just as Adam’s was and Jesus’s is (1 Cor 15:42-44).

7. Eternal life

It is clear to see that Adam and Eve would have lived for all of eternity if they had not been removed from the Garden (Gen 3:22). God removed them so they would not have to live all of eternity in their sin and perhaps so they could not increase in their sin. The penalty to eating the bad fruit was “death”, if they had not eaten of it they would never have experienced death as we do today. A key element to the millennial reign is the extended life spans which will even exceed that of any recorded in Genesis which is known for it’s long life spans. After the Millennial reign in the new Heavens and new Earth we find that the Tree of Life has returned which signifies eternal life. This combined with the scriptures promising eternal life (John 3:16) make it very clear that in the end we will enjoy life everlasting along side God.


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