Christianity = No Fun?

Many people see the lifestyle of a good Christian as void of fun, happiness, satisfaction, or excitement. But this is as far from the truth as you can get. A true Christian life is full of adventure, joy, satisfaction, and excitement. Who created these emotions in the first place? God did. So since God designed these emotions don’t you think He mad them with the intention of using them? Here are 3 myths about Christianity being lame.

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Lies from the Culture

Lies are destructive little things; they infect our minds and effect how we behave. Don’t be deceived, they are more than mere words. When we believe a lie, that lie determines how we live and think from that point on. The lie will continue to steer us until truth comes and takes it’s place. Take the Y2K scare for example. The lie was that the technological world as we know it would collapse, causing chaos, loss of power, loss of communication, and disaster. Those who believed the lie lived and acted differently than those who did not believe it. Those who believed it bought supplies, lived in fear, and waited in anticipation while the other group had great New Years Eve parties! Another historic lie took place in Germany when the Jews were loaded on to trains, they were told they were being taken to safety but when they arrived they arrived at prison camps, where most were murdered. When we believe lies our perception of reality is altered. The scary thing is that lies (or something that simply is not true) can be found in today’s world anywhere communication is present. In movies, music, television, commercials, radio, and even in schools.

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The Story of Exodus pt.8

Symbols in the Tabernacle

The tabernacle was a portable sanctuary for the Levites to do their holy work in. It was constructed according to the strict and precise blueprint that God gave to Moses. This tabernacle of Exodus served a real purpose for the Israelites but it also served a prophetic purpose being an image of the things to come. The objects within the tabernacle combined with the activities that took place there stood for things that we are now able to enjoy, thanks to Jesus’s finishing work of Law (Heb 9, Mat 5:17).

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