Lies from the Culture

Lies are destructive little things; they infect our minds and effect how we behave. Don’t be deceived, they are more than mere words. When we believe a lie, that lie determines how we live and think from that point on. The lie will continue to steer us until truth comes and takes it’s place. Take the Y2K scare for example. The lie was that the technological world as we know it would collapse, causing chaos, loss of power, loss of communication, and disaster. Those who believed the lie lived and acted differently than those who did not believe it. Those who believed it bought supplies, lived in fear, and waited in anticipation while the other group had great New Years Eve parties! Another historic lie took place in Germany when the Jews were loaded on to trains, they were told they were being taken to safety but when they arrived they arrived at prison camps, where most were murdered. When we believe lies our perception of reality is altered. The scary thing is that lies (or something that simply is not true) can be found in today’s world anywhere communication is present. In movies, music, television, commercials, radio, and even in schools.

My generation (and many preceding me) have been plagued by lies and untruths concerning morality, values, and life. These lies have been determining the way in which my generation has developed in to adults (or lack thereof). The decisions they made, the dreams they sought, the relationships they created all were influenced by what they heard from popular media and it has only gotten worse. Perhaps the worst part is that our culture does not know they have been lied to. They believe that the life they are told to live is the right one when in reality it is a counterfeit. These culture steering lies include:

  • The more money you have the happier you can be
  • The more sex you have the more satisfied you will be
  • Impure thoughts are ok as long as you keep them to yourself
  • Romantic attention from a mate is what your life is missing
  • Smoking is cool
  • Wild partying is normal
  • Sex is not just for marriage
  • Drinking underage is ok, just don’t get caught
  • Revenge is ok if they deserve it
  • What you decide is right for you is inarguably right

These general tenets are guiding the lives of young people all around the world, but where did they learn these things? Generally from the media. I’m not a conspirator saying that MTV and HBO have secret agenda’s of destroying young peoples lives or that they hold meetings on how they can cross more moral boundaries this week. Perhaps they don’t know any better; perhaps they do whatever makes more money.

Either way, the danger exists and it has snuck stealthily in to the minds of many young people – unbelievers and Christians alike! What better way for an army to harass their enemy – to make their enemy believe they do not exist. I believe Satan has done this by misleading the world in to thinking that they can live a full and satisfying life all on their own without God. Once God is removed from the picture the person must seek something in life to bring them purpose and joy – this is the lie. A life apart from God is no life at all but a delusion that everything is ok.

Examine yourself, look at the ways in which you spend your time through the week, how you interact with people, what your goals are in life, how you relax and enjoy yourself. What is the highest goal in your life? What are your views on sex, drugs, success, and the purpose of life? Next ask yourself where did your answers come from? If they came from anywhere but God and His Word and you desire to live the Christian life then you need to rid yourself of those worldly opinions (or should I say lies).
Basically: has the world left it’s fingerprints on you?

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by the testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2


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