Christianity = No Fun?

Many people see the lifestyle of a good Christian as void of fun, happiness, satisfaction, or excitement. But this is as far from the truth as you can get. A true Christian life is full of adventure, joy, satisfaction, and excitement. Who created these emotions in the first place? God did. So since God designed these emotions don’t you think He mad them with the intention of using them? Here are 3 myths about Christianity being lame.

Myth # 1

“The Christian life is a dull one with no fun.”

To that I say “No fun? By fun you mean hangovers with vomiting, sickness, and memory loss? Promiscuous tendencies that destroy families? Habits that lead to addictions? Chasing fads and vain attention? And living for temporary riches? If that is fun I don’t want any of it.”

The things that the world ascribes value to such as weekend parties, romantic flings, and material possessions are the same things that, later down the road, lead people to unsatisfied lives, to depression, poverty, and even suicide. The “fun” of the world is really just childish games that only last for a little while.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”

Proverbs 16:25

Christians living the correct Christian life should be the happiest people on Earth! First of all they know God and are no longer enemies of God, but friends. A Christian is someone who has been adopted as a child of God. Second, they have a purpose for their life, they live with a confidence and know that there is an even better life awaiting them. Third Christians find the true enjoyment in the intangible and eternal things of life such as love, serving, family, and honoring God. It’s when you try to find fulfillment in temporary things such as money, fame, power, or affection that you become dissatisfied and unhappy with life. A Christian is simply a completed person.

Myth #2

“If I am going to be a Christian I have to give up everything – riches, talent, and dreams.”

If you read the Bible you will find that many of the people who God used to do historical things were very rich, very talented, and very successful! Take Joseph, King David, and Job for example. Concerning Christians and money the world needs more rich Christians! You know why? Because things cost money, and if you have it you can greatly help people. You can send young people across the ocean to change a nation, you can help a pastor pay for a building that will change a city, or you can help someone in need and change their life. So no, becoming a Christian does not mean you can no longer be rich or make lots of money.It just means that you shouldn’t blow your money on silly things that you‘ll regret later on. Likewise some of the most talented people in the Bible are ones who believed in God and did amazing things for Him. We actually find in the book of Exodus that God empowered people with extra artistic abilities! So if God gave artistic abilities then, do you think He would take them away now? No, artistic abilities are originally from God and are greatly needed in the kingdom of God. Have you watched Christian TV lately? They need help. The Christian world needs more artists, more movie producers, more musicians, more dancers, directors, and writers. You do not have to give up your talents or stop doing the things you enjoy just because you’re a Christian.

Dreams on the other hand are more of a subject that you have to question – some dreams can glorify God and some just can’t. For example, if someone has a dream of becoming a millionaire just for the sake of being rich than that’s obviously one dream that would have to go. But if you have a dream of making an orphanage, helping people, or running an honest business: those are dreams that God can use and ones you can glorify God with. Just the ability to dream at all is a good thing, it means you have imagination and ambition, both of these things contribute to faith.

I encourage you to write down all of your dreams in as much detail as you can imagine – dream big! Than examine them and try to find your motivation behind each dream. If the motivation is a selfish one, ask God to change it. Ask God to reveal to you the things He wants you to do and what He wants you to do with your dreams.

When you devote yourself more and more to God’s service He will plant in you even more amazing dreams and promises than you can imagine, you just have to find them and water them with faith!

Myth #3

“Christians miss out on so much”

This one kind of tags along with the first myth – the things that unbelievers say we are “missing out on” are simply delusions of enjoyment that only lead to dissatisfaction in the end and destructive lifestyles. So actually we are not missing out on much at all, we are simply choosing to not participate in those things which God says are better for us to not participate in.

On the contrary to this myth, Christians are the ones with the fuller life (assuming they have an active and thriving relationship with God) whereas the unbeliever is the one missing out. Because of inherited sin from Adam each human is born distanced from their creator, the true source of love, joy, and fulfillment. Each person has a “God-shaped-hole” in their being in which nothing else can fit. Only having God in ones life can make a person whole again and this can only happen through the redemption that Christ offers. When someone turns from the world to God they have turned from the counterfeit to the original source of all good things. They have become whole.

The Christian actually has it all and the unbeliever is the one missing out on life.


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