Jesus in the Old Testament?

Ever read this passage and was confused?

Jhn 8:56 – (Jesus speaking)Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad.”
Jhn 8:57 – “You are not yet fifty years old,” the Jews said to him, “and you have seen Abraham!”
Jhn 8:58 – “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!

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My 7 Favorite Posts

I’d like to share with you, if you are new some favorite posts of mine that I think are worth reading. Or perhaps this is just a sentimental look back on my posts which I took a lot of enjoyment from in their research and writing. This was a hard one and I had to omit a few old timers in order to not let this post go on and on, I hope this stuff blesses you and helps your walk with the Lord.

Is Jesus God?
The title is pretty self explanatory, I was inspired by a book I read in school that pointed out 9 or 10 basic proofs of Christ’s divinity, I felt that some of them were pretty weak so I wanted to do my own research on this topic. This single issue is what separates Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and some other “Christian” groups from the true Biblical example of what Christianity should be so I figured this was a pretty important subject to me.

Are All Religions True?
This is another topic I feel strongly about, when someone disregards Christianity because they think that other religious paths are the equivalent to “my way” so “why change”? It’s an opinion formed out of comfort and ignorance and I wanted to lay out it’s silliness openly here.

How To Read Your Bible
This is one post that I’m most proud of because it is so applicable and has helped many of my friends get in to the Word of God and read it more effectively. It’s something that so many Christians struggle with for years and it keeps them from going deeper with God, to me that is just unacceptable if I can help. So I felt I should share some of my tricks that I picked up over the years. Feel free to share yours too!

End Times Timline
Now before you start calling me Daniel Camping, I’m not about predicting or countdowns. But I do feel the Bible does give us quite a few clues that we can draw a very general order from. This post was really a trip to make. I avoided this subject for a long time but I feel God kept drawing me to tackle this one so I gave in and I didn’t know what I was in for! It wasn’t easy and I don’t at all claim that this is the 100% perfect, absolute interpretation of end times events but I learned a lot and it is a needed discussion with all the apocalyptic junk out there.

The Story of Exodus 
Ok this isn’t one post but a series of 8 where I historically and spiritually examine the amazing story of the Israelites from captivity to the Tabernacle. I love every bit of this epic because there’s so much we glean from about God, sin, salvation, redemption, and Christ.

Scriptures, Without Context
Because I love the Word of God so much it really bothers me when scriptures are used improperly and promote an unbiblical lifestyle. Now I’m not going to go shouting them down like some crazies out there but I think this problem today should not be overlooked.

Hot Christian Sex
Yes, the title is a ploy to get you to read it! But the point is an important one to me (call me biased… I am married afterall). I believe God invented sex and that it should not be corrupted by sin or worldly ideas. But does this mean it becomes dull and boring? Only the opposite!

Riding the Fence or the Wind

One day while Julia and I were driving I looked in my rear view mirror and happened to see two white plastic bags. One was flying around through the air in circles due to the high winds that day, the other bag was stuck on top of a barbed wire fence shredded to pieces. I had a sudden revelation! I want to be like the plastic bag that was carried and blown freely by the wind, not the one that’s stuck on the fence ripped to pieces. Which one fits you? Talking spiritually – do you feel free and guided by God? Or do you feel stuck and injured, unsure of how to break free from your current season in life? I pray that you’re the free one but if not then I pray that God will help you find your freedom and guidance in Him. God wants us to excel, to enjoy life, to achieve things, not to remain forever in poverty, purposelessness, and false humility. However, finding God is a two way street – as you go after God, He is allowed (by your actions) to come after you. Trusting in God for your every need and answer is the best place to live because He never disappoints.

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