Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope that my writings challenge and inform you, perhaps, to take a deeper look at life.My cheesey glam pose from my wedding.

About myself: I’m a happily married 25 year old and father of 1. I live in San Antonio, Texas but am originally from New Braunfels. I love photography, music, and enjoy dancing with my wife.


Learning new things
Graphic Design
Playing Piano
Making electronic music
Writing songs
Dancing (swing, break-dance, the usual…)

Favorite Music:

Hillsong, Future of Forrestry, Michael Gungor, Mutemath, Misty Edwards, Phil Wickham, Toby Mac, Imogen Heap, Lecrae, Andy Hunter, Hybrid, BT, and an occasional Katy Perry tune…

Favorite Books:

Narnia series (C.S. Lewis)
Foundation series (Isaac Asimov)
A Heart Ablaze (John Bevere)
Paradise Lost
Pursuit of Holiness
Prepare for War (Rebecca Brown)
Dispensational Truth (Clarence Larkin)


Independence Day
Eagle Eye
Star Wars (all)
The Final Cut
Bicentennial Man
Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
Furious Love


To love my wife like Christ loved the church, unconditionally and passionately
To run a solid household of love and Godliness with kids that love the Lord
To have a successful ministry changing lives with God’s power
To pastor or preach full time
To direct a worship team and teach musicians music and worship
To experience God in a real and transforming way on a regular basis

Favorite Music:Hillsong
Michael Gungor
Misty Edwards
Phil Wickham
Toby Mac
Andy Hunter
and an occasional Lady Gaga tune…

Favorite Books:


15 thoughts on “About

    • No I have not considered going to seminary because I am currently in a Worship arts school. It’s name is Institute For The Arts and it’s in South Austin. It’s aim is at training ministers who will deal with music in some way (worship leaders, directors, writers etc.). The classes range from instrumental classes, vocal lessons, music theory, bible classes, and servant leaderhip. I graduate in 2011 and I am praying that God will open up a job somewhere where my wife and I can serve the youth which is our main calling. On my own I study subjects such as I post on here and hope that my findings help others. What do you do and did you go to seminary?

      • Hey Brother
        Right now I’m a youth pastor, started this month.
        I am currently still in Seminary, working on my ThM at The Master’s Seminary (affiliated with John MacArthur) in Southern California.
        Apologetics is a big passion of mine.
        God bless you, and your future ministry, brother!

  1. Grove,

    A person who worships is a person with authority when they need it most.

    True story.

    It’s all well and good to want to be a Warrior or a Christ-follower who wants to lay low the mountains of slavery the enemy has built, but like fasting, worship is a huge necessity to have that authoritative credibility.

    I applaud your desire to have a formal education in Worship Arts. I think, of all things, a man with a heart for worship is a dangerous man, indeed.



  2. Hey! Sorry I haven’t gotten into your blog yet – I don’t have a lot of time for blogging like I used to and am just not really good at remembering to hit my friends blogs. I’m gonna subscribe though so I can start to keep up with yours. It’s interesting – I like it… keep up the writing!!

  3. Your comment on freshly pressed about marriage being obsolete is what led me to your blog and so far, I’m loving what I read.

    Your above mentioned goals are fantastic.
    Keep up the great writing 🙂

  4. Hey Grove,

    I have nominated you for an award – the Candle Lighters Award, because you have shed so much light on the Scriptures here on your blog. Details can be found on my blog, but there are no rules to follow. Just accept the award and place it on your site.

  5. Thank you so much! I am honored. I wish I had time to keep up writing on here like I did in college. But I guess now that I’m in ministry, instead of writing about it I’m applying it and speaking about it to people in person!
    Once I get some free time I’ll post it to my blog.

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