Proving God

Recently while driving to my hometown (a 6 hour drive), I listened to podcasts of debates between prominent Christian and Atheist authors/speakers and it got my gears turning. I’ve been involved in many debates and the big question “Can you prove God exists” often comes up along the way. Eventually the Christian is stumped and the Atheist thinks they’ve solved one of man kinds most ancient mysteries. But I wonder, is the question correct to begin with? Can the God of the universe be proven like some science experiment of theory?

Is God something to be proven or experienced?

The real proof, if any, of the living God of the Bible resides in the believers life. But can you bring your personal stories, testimonies, and experiences to a debate and argue them with a determined atheist as proof for God? Probably not. Sadly, it’s just not always effective using your experiences to try and convince others when, if they had the same experience, they would not be arguing with you. For the Christian your testimony is the best evidence they have on a personal level towards God. Sharing your testimony and stories of what God has done can change lives but to those who’ve already made up their mind it can be difficult.

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Spiritual Warfare Takes Teamwork

(NET) Proverbs 24:6 for with guidance you wage your war, and with numerous advisers there is victory.

While this Proverb seems to be about military strategy and leadership it contains a deeper truth that if used will lead to a healthier Christian walk.
War and battle was a big theme in the Old Testament. Israel was often at war, they were constantly being judged by God through attacks from other nations. Satan also opposed Israel since they were God’s nation. The Devil tried to take them down but when they were right with God they won and when they were not right with God they failed and were defeated. Many scriptures refer to this part of the culture that existed in those times and when non believers or new Christians read these scriptures they are confused or turned off when they see killing and war in the Bible. While I don’t have the perfect answer as to why God seemed to condone war but I do know that today, in the days of the New Covenant, our struggle is not one against other people but against spiritual powers. This world is currently influenced and to some amount controlled by the Devil. So what do we do about that? Spiritual warfare.

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Pride – Your Hindrance To God and Greatness

Recently my college ministries curriculum took us to the topic of Pride and I got to thinking about how much of a problem it is if you want to be a real Christian. Not only that but if you want to be a successful Christian, a good spouse, a real friend, a follower of God. I could go on, but as you see pride is a hindrance in every area! Let me explain…

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Riding the Fence or the Wind

One day while Julia and I were driving I looked in my rear view mirror and happened to see two white plastic bags. One was flying around through the air in circles due to the high winds that day, the other bag was stuck on top of a barbed wire fence shredded to pieces. I had a sudden revelation! I want to be like the plastic bag that was carried and blown freely by the wind, not the one that’s stuck on the fence ripped to pieces. Which one fits you? Talking spiritually – do you feel free and guided by God? Or do you feel stuck and injured, unsure of how to break free from your current season in life? I pray that you’re the free one but if not then I pray that God will help you find your freedom and guidance in Him. God wants us to excel, to enjoy life, to achieve things, not to remain forever in poverty, purposelessness, and false humility. However, finding God is a two way street – as you go after God, He is allowed (by your actions) to come after you. Trusting in God for your every need and answer is the best place to live because He never disappoints.

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Is Sickness Demonic?

In the Gospel we find many accounts of individuals who suffered from disease, epilepsy (Mat 17:14-18), muteness (Mat 9:33), blindness (Mat 12:22), self cutting (Mrk 5:5), fever (Luk 1:33-36) yet these same individuals found their wellness after Jesus (or a disciple) had delivered them of a demonic spirit (Mat 8:16). This inescapable subject has brought forth many questions and even more interpretations of the same scriptures. Many common questions include:

  • Are all modern illnesses demonic?
  • Are only some of them demonic?
  • If someone is sick or mentally ill do they simply need demonic deliverance to be healed?
  • Are we super-spiritualizing medical issues with the idea of demons?
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Hot Christian Sex

Ok… sorry about the title but after reading a recent secular “study” on individuals who left various sects of Christianity and thus found more enjoyment in their sex lives I feel the great need to write on something that is very near and dear to my heart (I am still a newlywed after all)- the powerful truth about sex and Christian sexuality.

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