My Photography Page

This is my facebook photography page where I make regular posts from photoshoots, funny stories, or practical tips on photography. Like my page and stay up to date on recent events as well as special deals.

Blue Letter Bible

A stupendous online Bible. The layout is clean and uncrowded by ads. Tools such as cross-references, famous commentaries, parallel translations, selective copying to clipboard, dictionaries, and Hebrew/Greek lexicon is available for any scripture in one click! Also be sure to spend some time browsing through their awesome study library,


This is my photography portal of choice. I use it to display my portfolio of photograph work as well as graphic design work, you can find mine here. The site has a great user friendly interface with lots of great features such as tagging, geotagging, and other organization tools. But above all the endless sea of awesome photo’s inspired and entertains me.

Friends sites: Rick is an awesome guy with lots of passion and love for kids, I met him at a burger joint I worked at and was excited to find out that he was a youth pastor which is one of my desires. He recently converted from blogger to WordPress so give him some love! Jillian and I’s friendship began with her being one of my first major wedding photography clients, I shot her wedding in 09. She’s a website designer, artist, and an all around cool girl. A commenter on my blog here, he has a boat load of articles and information on his site. Something like His site is what I’d like to have some day. Another commenter on my blog who has some easy reading but important massages that will challenge you in your faith. An awesome woman of God that writes some very deep and interesting articles on topics that are very controversial. I could spend hours just browsing her many posts. Ok not a personal friend, maybe some day. This guys has some killer articles to help educate yourself on the things of the Word, they are simple and straight to the point.


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