Paying Your Tax to God

Giving Back

Luke 20

22 “Is it lawful for us to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?”

23 But He detected their trickery and said to them,

24 “Show me a denarius. Whose likeness and inscription does it have?” They said, “Caesar’s.”

25 And He said to them “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

Jesus not only encourages the following of civil laws, such as paying taxes, but uses it to demonstrate a bigger principle: to also give to God what legally belongs to Him. But what is it that belongs to Him which we are to give? If by looking at a coin we can see the identity of it’s authority, who’s identity do we find by looking at ourselves?

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Alignment refers to the chain of authority that must be in place for things to work correctly in a believers life. For example God is the first and foremost authority for any Christian. Second to God is the government, for Romans 13 and 1Peter 2:13 state that governments are set up by God without exception. Other examples of alignment that must be in place is parental authority and church authority. When things are not turning out the way you hoped in life,  – check your alignment.

Four types of alignment:




Eph 1:22

Eph 5:23, 24

Col 1:18




Heb 4:12

Rom 8:13

1Pe 2:11




Eph 5:23, 24

1Cr 7:10

Eph 6:4

Eph 6:1




Rom 13:1, 2

1Pe 2:13

Matt 22:21

1 . Christ / Church / Believer

Christ gave himself for the church so we give ourselves to Him

  • He held back 0% from us so we should hold back 0% from Him

He should be the authority on church problems, not the other way around

  • Christ is our boss, we are his employees
  • Challenge tradition as Jesus did, it’s not the 1st authority
  • Don’t allow denominational ties to become your pride and Word of God

To honor God we must obey church authority

  • Even when you may not agree with the leaders decisions
    • Exceptions: public sin, abuse, sin that effects the congregation
  • Division is not Gods way of fixing a problem
  • God blesses submission
    • If you can’t submit to a man, how can you submit to God
    • To get high you must start low

Believers need to attend a church faithfully

  • Assembly – community, friendship, growth, correction
  • Everyone needs accountability and help through personal relationships

2 . Spirit / Soul / Body

Our Spirit connects us to God and the supernatural realm

Our Body connects us to the physical realm

Our Soul is our mind, reasoning, and emotional center that allows our spirit to connect      with a body and our body with our spirit

All 3 parts were affected by the Fall

  • Our spirit was distanced from God and experienced spiritual death
  • Our soul (mind) is subject to rebellion against God and sinful desires (Rom8:7)
  • Our body began biological decay and will experience physical death (Heb 9:27)

Our spirit must be in tune to Gods Spirit and purified

Our mind must be in submission to our spirit so that it cannot operate carnally

  • Many get their spirit and soul and spirit mixed up (Heb 4:12)
  • Obeying your soul is dangerous (Jam 1:15)
  • Soulish Christians are sensation based or intellectually based, not spirit based
  • We must constantly renew our mind with Gods truth (Rom 12:2)

“The average Christian in America is a carnal Christian, but the normal Christian is not a carnal Christian. There is a big difference between normal Christianity and average Christianity”

You will never do something that has not been thought of in your mind first

  • What’s in your mind will manifest through your body
    • Responses
    • Desires
    • Interest
  • If you want different things to come out of your life, change what you are putting in to it
    • Guard your mind, it is a precious possession

3 . Husband / Wife / Children

Any organization or group needs a leader – the husband is the leader of the family

  • He is the initiator, the protector, and responsible for the family unit
  • The evidence of Satan’s work in our culture is seen in:
    • the destruction of the family unit
    • the removal of father figures and men from the church
    • the switching of alignment where wives are the household leaders not the husbands
    • the comical low position that fathers have in a household as a clueless, spineless, carnally driven individual

The wife is not without a voice, the two must agree and at times compromise

  • The two are one (Gen 2:24, Mat 19:5, 1Cor 6:16, Eph 5:31)

The wife is to submit to the husband

  • Just like with ministry submission at times the wife may not agree completely but the husband is responsible for the decisions he makes with his wife for the family

Children are to obey their parents, both of them as one unit, not one more than the other because both parents are one thus they should be on the same page about rules, discipline, rewards, and other issues that effect their children.

4 . God / Government / Citizen

Political authorities are to be subject to God but if they are not we are to remain subject to that government as long as our allegiance does not violate our primary obedience to God since He is top on the list.

  • Similarly, if a children’s parents are not saved they must still obey them unless what that parent tells the child to do is a conscious sin, then the child is to remain faithful to God who is 1st and above that parent.
  • No matter the condition of the government pray for your leaders – 1Tim 2:1-3

China has a Christian population of approximately 1,330,040,000 but if you get caught having church you will likely be arrested or terrorized by the government. India is next with a Christian population of approximately 1,148,000,000 and their pastors are often arrested or abused in front of their congregation. Churches are regularly vandalized because of their Christian affiliation.

In the New Testament we see it taught by Jesus and the Apostles to obey the civil government with taxes, however we also see the Apostles such as Paul being jailed and abused for disobeying when the rulers of cities told him not to preach any more. Because these orders from the authority contradicted Jesus’s mandate to preach the gospel, Paul disobeyed his higher authorities in order to obey the highest authority – God.

Political authorities are chosen by God, He is sovereign Tts 3:1, Rom 13:1-7

  • Honor God in the law – speed limits, media downloading and distribution laws
  • Disobeying government is disobeying God as long as it the governments orders are not disagreeing with God
  • If someone in authority asks you to do something that compromises your obedience to God than they are asking you to break Alignment with God
    • God is the ultimate authority
    • Sin breaks your alignment because it is disobedience to God
    • Breaking the law is breaking your alignment because it is disobedience to the Government and to God
    • Disobeying your parents is breaking alignment because God said to honor and obey your parents